Feb 15th 2018

Right you fuckers, no one, not a one, zilch, null, zero looked at my site yesterday, i put it down rather optimistically to it being Valentine’s day and love being in the air; cupid really was busy yesterday, and, in preparation my November blogs will be geared towards birth and the early days of motherhood not forgetting the do’s and don’ts of becoming a father. Its tough and doesn’t get any easier but of course you’d all know this because you’re reading some parenting blogs or some such. Invest time in me and I may reward you. You may, of course be bitterly disappointed.

Took some glorious shots today, the birds were in a riot of song, the sky blue and the sun splitting the woodland, shedding golden light high up in the canopies. C could not make it today due to “Meeting a Bastard in Hartlebury” instead of the 3 Nutters in Shrawley woods. But again, and I put it down to the weather, 3 separate walking entities: lady and 2 dogs, lady jogger making slow progress through very sticky mud and 1 dog, 2 long haired builders with no dog with whom we spoke.


The fungus is coming out too now folks, the really exciting red stuff, matching slightly the ear of M, chilled by the wind. Why don’t we call the fungus the “Ear of M”, another featurette, Amusingly Alternately Named Fungus of the Month (i’m not going to kid myself into thinking a new fungus can be found daily but 1 a month? Thats do-able)

After last nights excellent wine tasting at the Astley Vineyard I noted with some sadness that my power of smell is utterly terrible, it doesn’t even rate on the scale, a big fat 0 (similar to readership). My plan thus is to re-animate my smelling receptors, day by day, month after month I will try to improve my scent detector (nose), quite how is any ones guess, but it’s got to be possible. Today and yesterday afternoons drug mix of choice is a decongestant sandwiched between 2 paracetamol bullets and there appears to be a change in nasal status, smell receptors asleep, but texture of the air up the snout seems different.


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