Feb 19th 2018

fullsizeoutput_1062Thats you lot!, Funky citizens of the web, specifically “the ministry” which is where you’re at! It seems the pretence under which this blog was created, has somewhat morphed into a slightly what I have done at school today. This was not the original point because I really don’t care what I got upto at school today and nor should you. However as with dogs not wearing clothes, i reserve the right to change my mind at any juncture.

Some of the more alert of you will see the layout has changed; I wanted to make it easier to click on the individual days and also to just search the music with a new music tab up at the top below the title. The issue with this is there’s photos and words with the music so you’ll still have to scroll down, its tricky, i’m trying ok?!

In the big smoke, filters were applied to make the whole place more palatable, theres an enormous viaduct leaving the station, arching its way down and then spanning the river and arching onwards to heaven knows how far towards the university. There looks to be a lower bridge running along side the viaduct for someway and I wonder if its navigable in a pair of stout rubber boots. The arches, whilst occasionally populated with various repair shops and garages could really do with an upgrade, theres a burger bar down there, but is off the beaten track a bit down a dead end, will it last? There are several museums, which I was planning to visit with the young man, but Early Man, the superb film about the beautiful game got in the way, tomorrow theres a science fiction museum in a rural backwater (still the only place i know of a shop selling Tangy Toms) with his name on it!

Must try harder to report from the ever changing woods, springtime is, after all, relentless in its progressions.

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