Feb 20th 2018


Well, where to start? Yesterday was a revelation; I tip-toed into the WordPress Community Pool, sucking in my stomach to disguise the beer gut and years of dubious exercise routine. I was not particularly confident on being “seen” in public by folk I don’t know.

Similar to the time I went for adult swimming lessons, not too many years ago, I arrived slightly late, only a couple or three minutes and whipped open the boys changing room plastic curtain onto the pool area. A pause, then;

“Yes, We’ve got a Dad!”

That time I had to suck my tummy in too, and then belly flop into the pool. The difference? None really; everyone was in the same boat, there to learn, there to help out and above all to have a laugh.

So this is how I felt today, but within minutes of getting involved, barely scratching the surface and making some glib comment or other , I had people looking, commenting, correcting me on my grammar, having a laugh.

For that I am entirely grateful you wonderful lot, may we have a long and fruitful friendship all over the world. Sounds like ELO (no bad thing).

So on a tangent today marks the 337,737,600th second (midnight tonight GMT) or alternately the 3909th day since the great flood of 2007, and whilst this is not a particularly happy event to dwell on, somehow it seems relevant.

I arrived on time today for the walk having missed yesterday and so wanted yo make a good impression, one is, after all, always on show. “Take a tie” my Mum said, “you may have to go to the ambassador’s house”.  I was going travelling around Asia 27 years ago with some school friends, I didn’t go to the ambassador’s house but went to many different and far more entertaining houses some might say. Another day.

So I was early, N was late and M and C were absentees (permission had been granted the week previous). The lake which is no longer Layes Pool, it is an ex-lake, is now a marshy dip in the ground surrounded by beautiful trees once stretching their branches over and just into the water, brushing their fingers in the cool liquid. Anyway theres some bull rushes which i really wanted to see, i’ve wanted to see them for maybe 7 years or so but never felt i’d had the chance. Today was the day, I clambered over the brambles, carefully testing my tread for sticky deeper mud that I expected. The good news; no really sticky mud, the water table settled back into some sort of equilibrium. But plenty of bull rushes, heres a photo, and that is all I have to say about that, to paraphrase F. Gump.


So with all this attention, i have to be on my best behaviour, no more swearing, no more larking about.

“Look Edward! Strangers have come”

Do not light a fire under your dogs arse.


See you all later you lunatics.


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