Feb 23rd 2018

When the family scatter to the eastern lands, the object must adapt; wax the floors, tend the fire and watch the film.

“Unchecked obviously false fact of the day after having all day to think about it”, This is from N; Cheddar Gorge was so called because it was the first location where early man was found to have mostly cheese in his diet. Need I say more? But its out there, and no better than my theory that the so called Cheddar man was the first complete body found to consist entirely of cheese. All nonsense but you will appreciate the day being Friday.

There is also the £1.50 joke which is so poor but will work in all currencies and I’ll leave that for you to work out for yourselves, its one of N’s and was performed live recently in Wigleys DIY warehouse.

Oak, Glove, Mistletoe


The sun is rising higher daily, and it will not be too long before we can all stop again and have the couple of minute chat and breathe a sigh of relief at the tall trees, bathed in sunlight, warming our outstretched arms; It’s nearly there, it’s nearly there.

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