Feb 22nd 2018

A really sunny morning presented itself today, and yes that is the sun peeping through the whirl in the gate on the way up into the woods. This sort of stuff doesn’t present itself every day you know, I work hard to try and make it original.


M was back from the smoke with tales of bedroom horror as the chap above flooded his shower, shorting the electrics in M’s bedroom and the rushing water from above waking him at 1am. Frantic calls to reception and the night porters confirmed what everyone probably thinks, they would rather not be disturbed at that hour, and that somehow if a disaster befalls you then somehow it is your own fault and you should blooming well shut up and deal with it. A stilted night therefore and thus the reason why M missed yesterday without permission; retrospective planning has been granted.

My son asked me what I was doing today, I had to go to work, which involved a walking meeting up the Worcestershire Beacon, where we discussed burning topics but most of all what cakes we would guzzle when we reached the cafe after the end of it all. Christ it was cold up there, the wind wicked; but seeing Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire spread out below is a lovely thing, any readers I’ll see you up there or in the Wyche inn to discuss tactics.


Some textures

I worked afterwards in an enormous deserted mansion house’s gardens, slightly overgrown with a plethora of balls scattered all over the place, mainly in corners or dips where the wind had taken them. Couldn’t wait to get home, so cold.

In medical news, I’ve had a really stuffed up nose now for around 3 weeks, I’ve been self prescribing anti-histamine, anti-contestant and paracetamol; I asked at the surgery for a doctor to have a look up my nose which he will be doing tomorrow. Strangely enough I am really looking forward to it. Its a slow news day, these happen, so please don’t desert me o’ gracious and wonderful reader (s), and I’ll see you on the other side.



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