Feb 27th 2018

Nearly there, the end of the month is nigh and pay day approaches, this is a good thing, always! Snow was on the ground this morning as we await the Beast from the East (“Those Damn Russians” as Boney M would say in the chart topping hit Rasputin, Google it, it’s a banging tune). The air was incredibly still today and the woods as a result had a peculiar eerie quality to them; lifeless, really really quiet, the air solid so as to absorb any sound, no echos, no resonance today.

It was only very light dusting, but a taste apparently of what is to come on Thursday. Great Britain is gearing up to completely shut down at the first breath of white weather, the schools denying the children the right to slush ruin their shoes, socks and tights. Before Christmas, in November I think, we had a cold snap and my daughter’s secondary school shut for 3 whole days, the last day all the snow and ice had long gone and it was drizzling. I recall my Dad would rather stick hot coals down his trousers than look after me at home whilst missing a days work at the office, maybe they had a better work ethic, maybe everything was slightly more gritty in the olden days, drabber, less geared towards parental/children relations than it is now? I don’t know.

N found a frozen upright shrew on the doorstep this morning and was thinking of having it stuffed or cast in bronze like the posher bigger houses scattered around these parts; theres a massive place a mile or so away with to enormous lions outside the gates, we will probably never have bronze lions out side our front gates, in fact we probably won’t even have gates. C’s double gates were stolen one night! A pair of bloody gates, have people no shame? Anyway we got to thinking that the only sort of animal we may have out side out pile may be some roadkill. Oddly, that was far funnier in the woods this morning!


This reminded me of scenery from a film, possibly a Louisiana swamp land, or somewhere in the remote Russian wildernesses. Silver Birches, Queen of the woods.

I didn’t travel far for work today but boy was it cold, my hands turned that lifeless wind chapped insipid pink, the veins retreated into the freezing flesh, sometimes in the winter when it’s so cold like this I have to come home and have a bath to warm my bones. You will understand when you get to my age, I think I may have already mentioned so in past posts.

M had a meeting up at the western end of the Wyche Cutting through the Malvern Hills today, they have marvellous home made cake there, I think its called the H2O centre. There is also a fabulous pub called the Wyche Inn, through the eastern end of the cutting.

Also a dubious fact of the day between the 4 off us is that the earths magnetism can change from time to time and somebody who studies such things is called a Paleomagtencologist. Who’s going to dispute that?

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