Feb 28th 2018

Woo Hoo! Thats 2 months of this caper under my belt and I am immensely proud of myself. I’ve met some really friendly, supportive and funny people and my aim going into the future is to meet more and more until I have more blogging friends than I can shake a stick at.

Then the world will be mine Ha Ha Ha…. etc etc.

But on a more serious note this morning as soon as we got going, after realising the snow had come in greater quantities than it had yesterday, and this was set to increase in volume and mass over the next few days until at least the weekend. Quite why it came to this, as I didn’t write it down, but I did write the little proverb which M imparted to us, The new featurette which I shall call “Proverbially yours” and which may or may not continue as I see fit, heres the first one; I rather like it.

“Give a thief a headache, don’t nail him to a cross”

Heres for the next revelation and a really funny thing, which I think all who keep a cluttered, maybe thats too kind, really messy car, can identify with. C, refuses to find out where the windscreen water tank is located within the car, (sorry about this C, here’s the hammer blow… C is a lady)when her husband volunteers to show her she doesn’t hide her disinterest preferring to leave it to chance as to when it get filled up. In the winter when the roads are icy, the water freezes and so even if the tank is full you can be left with a dirty windscreen and no way to clean it. That is of course unless you have a messy car, where there are all manner of sticky liquids of various colours and consistencies to do the job with. Yesterday C used Fanta, the orange flavour. C also forgot to turn the windscreen wipers off the automatic water detection setting so when she poured the sticky fluorescent orange onto the ice window, she got splashed, twice. It got her twice! Needless to say  she located a cold coffee ready for the return journey!


A prize for the winner to guess where I am in this photo?

I’m taking it you muppet, I am behind the lens looking at the view of Hergest Ridge where I was working today. The hill that inspired Mike Oldfield to write his difficult second album with the same name; Hergest Ridge. The undisputed fact of the day which is based on fact, is that;

After writing Tubular Bells, he became an overnight sensation and was hounded by the media and fans and everybody, to such an extent that he ran away to the Herefordshire, Welsh borderlands; an area of unmistakeable beauty and complete obscurity where people wouldn’t pester the hippy buying milk. Trues story, based on some facts there.


Hardy little creatures, couldn’t tell you what they are though.



Tomorrow is going to be a fierce one and also promises to be the first day of a new month so just in case anyone is reading this east from where I am, Pinch Punch!!

This is a video of a man with a drone walking Hergest Ridge, with the Mike Oldfield track playing, if you know this man please say Hi.


  1. You made me laugh with the whole stick shaking thing.
    I was going to ask if it was a trick question (that you’re the one taking the photo), but then made sure to inspect the image thoroughly anyway. And then I confirmed it WAS a trick question. Only to read in the next line that I was right. I ain’t no muppet! Ha!


  2. 2 months of sensational ‘logggging .. long may it continue to lighten and brighten without any hangings .. if u do TB session let me know


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