March 1st 2018

The reason I am not here is Storm Emski, the Beast from the East. It’s the first day of month 3 for me and I have forgotten to report on my floor. The floor saga which started a week ago when I painted on some protective solution, some fantastical coating; the elixir of life for tiles. Last Saturday at noon was going to be the all change, and within just one sleep the kitchen floor would be a thing of beauty. I blogged about it, but forgot to continue due to reasons I shall expand on later.

Its still wet and sticky in places and in other places it is shiny and in other places it is dull, some tiles dried to desert specification (high diurnal temperatures, warm day very cold night). No real correlation between light and dark tiles, a true bagatelle which has turned into a situation of unwarranted concern. From one end of the scale to the other.

Anyway now, we family are all walking over it without a care for wether the floor is sticky or not. I’m walking on it in crocs (the king of indoor and quickly sneaking outdoor shoes), and i’m wondering if the sticky steps are due to a previous outing, or as the floor is now. Socks, crocs, barefoot and clogs (clogs only used for poetic licence).

Secondly a massive thing that happened on Monday, 3 days ago. My bloody internet has gone. A sinister man climbed a pole 50m form my house, I went to work and all the phone and internet worked. I came back 7.4 hours later (work colleagues will not catch me skiving because I don’t) and I was cut off from the world. Incidentally its not just me; theres 2 rabid kids, 1 with a redundant xbox which is quite literally an:


Another problem to try and remedy, something I have to do when I really have no input into the reason I have to do it. Totally out of my control. Turn your backs, internet companies or whoever you are in your shady hats. I can’t call you up, you’ve got computerised people to deal with me. I’m sad about it all and you don’t care. Shame on you.

The internet genie will come tomorrow between 3pm and 6pm to solve all, which is also when the snow will be at its most climactic, it’ll be like a perfect storm here then. When the chap is climbing up the pole, the blizzard will be grazing his cheeks, red raw, not chaffing, ripping. But i’ll be there, i’ll make him/her a cup of tea. You have to these days.

I’ve have been thinking about my favourite/ optimum/ most productive time to blog. I wonder what it is about this action, of talking candidly to you all without immediate response that makes it so important for me to write in a readable way? (Readable way is not what I wanted to say) I really want to write in a way that the words dance and vibrate on the page, almost as if it doesn’t really matter what the hell i’m talking about; to get a rhythm, thats what I really want, a fascinating rhythm.

My favourite author is Paul Auster (I’m a poet and don’t know it) His last book “4321” is a long book and tells the story of the same person living 4 different lives. Its wonderful and the first new book for 7 years. To receive this book from my daughter was the best present and I could not wait to get back into the flow of Auster.

To me, its like sitting in a stream channel, with water, enough to create a current, carrying you down. Not enough so as you float all the way down, but enough so as you bump on the bottom and skip up, carried for  a bit, then bounce down and up, carried for a bit and then on. The water isn’t cold either. It’s the perfect type of stream travel, and that is Paul Auster and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I’m aiming for.

Due to the shortage of internet form the “man” and the fact I have to get it from the phone, my photos haven’t synched between laptop and phone.

Bugger bugger bugger.

So only one photo today of the things that are keeping us warm downstairs, and this is indeed my logstore, a few weeks back, not so healthy now!


It is also Saint David’s day today ( the patron saint of sports commentators) so this is for you.

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