March 2nd 2018

Snow, snow, snow! Proper drifting snow too, the wind harsh and really biting and when I walked out for my walk this morning the birds were clamouring for attention, probably shouting,

“I’m hungry, I’m hungry, get your fat balls out, I’m starving” Or something along those lines anyway. I was the first person up the path into the woods today, virgin snow beneath my feet, I love that feeling, like I’m the only man alive in the world for the short time before I hear someone or see a dog. It warms me.

In dog news, Mrs T told me last night she doesn’t want anything other that a working cocker spaniel. This is wonderful news and by committing this to electronic paper it passes into the realms of becoming legal and thus she’ll need a solicitor to get out of this one! I for one am delighted.

After the walk we went back to N’s for a coffee and he has raised the bar for these morning time breaks considerably. In a break from tradition I was given full rein over the coffee making activities, this is unheard of; one just doesn’t touch another mans coffee pot, its like adultery, and I am concerned over whether I should mention it to my own pot of just carry on as though nothing has happened. But my pot will know, and I will know it knows, and potentially things will never be the same between us. But for the one moment, for that instant I felt alive, more alive than I’ve ever felt. While I was nurturing the coffee, my hands on another mans pot, N was making M and I some sausage sandwiches, from frozen, in a new granite patterned frying pan. (Pan fans, I know you’re out there, I will post a photo of the pan presently.) With all the unusual activity and role play in the kitchen, there was a smidgen of a suggestion we don’t sit down to enjoy the coffee and sandwich. If theres one thing I need after a walk, particularly a slow trudging walk in deep snow, it’s a sit down. So whats it going be on saturday? Bacon sandwiches?

Sadly today I had a funeral to go to; It was for my old boss who got me this ridiculous job which I have spent the last 18 years acting out! He always told me to do a little more most of the time, and occasionally a lot more that your boss expects. That way everyone will leave you alone and you can get on with whatever really interests you. Ironically, now what I do does quite interest me, but in the mean time I’ve found other stuff to get up to. So Mal, my old boss, thanks for that.

Would you believe we stood there in the cemetery in a blizzard, in suits, shivering, and as the coffin was lowered into the ground, guess what tune the holy man played?

“Going Underground”! It made me laugh, i’m sure i’ve seen that in a comedy sketch but fair play for carrying it off, I’m sure many have wanted to and I bet not many have. Also played Waterloo sunset by the kinks, Brothers in Arms by Dire straits and The Snake by Al Wilson.

RIP Mal.


My damn Internet is out and will remain so it seems for at least another week, so photos are short on the ground. Make do with this of your illustrious leader.


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