March 8th 2018

Be-Jeepers it was cold this morning, seems the brief snippet of beautifully warm March weather was possibly a flash in the pan. The sky was dull, and there seemed to be wetness in the air alongside a bitterly unkind wind coming from some god forsaken direction, i don’t know where. N had no hat and his ears glowed red, M was in London up to business unknown; its how we like it, the element of danger.

It seems in Wiltshire a double agent and his daughter have been subjected to a nerve attacking substance and are now critically ill. They were found foaming at the mouth on a bench out side the holiday inn our some such. I can’t seem to find out how it was administered or by whom, but our politicians are either using strong words or not so strong words to condemn the attack.

Here you go with a “Potentially Undisputed Probable Fact of the Day (PUPFOD): N mentioned that the double agent chap had his ankle pierced really quickly by the tip of an umbrella.

It started raining and we did, being thoroughly British, discuss the weather, it was a pretty slow woodland news day although I’ve just remembered a muntjac barking for a good 20 minutes outside the house last night, well up the track and out side our mates house; I’m not trying to make out I live actually in the woods like some Grizzly Adams type, I don’t and i’m not.

The internet man came from Sky this morning to tell me the phone line and internet was not working, which, if you are a regular reader, you may have heard me mention in brief, and as so I will not dwell further, aside from to say, the man said they (Openreach) would fix it within 5 days (working or just normal days I am not sure, wish I’d asked but you forget, and dear readers; You will understand when you get to my age. In fact if you follow this blog and I continue to blog you may well witness the mental deconstruction of a formally on the ball type chap, which is surely reason enough to continue. Like rubber neckers on the motorway.) So I have to wait.

But after feeling awful after work, really bone cold and headachy, so I had to lie down and the first question asked by my boy was, you guessed it “Have they fixed the Internet yet?” Imagine the disappointment parents, imagine dealing with that day after day after day. Feeling grim I had to drop my daughter off at work in Worcester and cook when I got back. <y son and I played Killer and Round the Clock at darts, then a mammoth session of Horror Top Trumps. 2 significant things came to light:

a) This has probably been written about many times over but it has perplexed me for decades latently, always in the background and never forgotten, and only lately rekindled my interest in that why has Godzilla got on a pink shirt and purple bow tie? I really wouldn’t know where to start and without meeting or contacting the artists of the Horror Top Trumps i’m sure i’ll never know.

b) In the other pack of Horror Top Trumps, there is a gnarly chap called “The Risen Dead”, he appears in the foreground of the crudely drawn picture with bits of his face a little threadbare and differing colours indicating he may be a Zombie, but still harbouring a curly perm and a top Scouse tache. In the background is an open grave; one he has presumably arisen from, with the name Derek Pulagstis etched into the grave stone. I googled this name and I think I’ve ended up with a “Google-whack” which I believe is a search through Google which only supplies one answer. If this is the case, then it’s my first ever, and maybe now like buses, many will follow.

Thats all now for today I thinkIMG_2009

Some good old goth shit for you good old Goths.


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