March 9th 2018


fullsizeoutput_10b6So today, world book day in Worcester was rescheduled for today; Friday, due to crappy weather last Friday, when most kids were sledging outside in the snow. I was at a funeral, (remember?) The one when they played “Going Underground” when the coffin was lowered into the ground.

So all parents feel obliged to buy new outfits from the limited outfits available on amazon prime because of course we are slightly disorganised in buying these things and think that by ignoring it, maybe it’ll go away. Heres some news, it won’t and it never will, hence the mad rush and need of amazon prime. I had a thought that instead of many  Harry Potters, Cat in the Hats, Star Wars characters, Footballers ( my son was guilty of this; footy annuals are books too!) super heroes in costume (apparently 3 Batmen in a row in assembly this morning) super heroes not in costume (Horrid Henry, Tom Gates) or any popular film star available, then maybe instead of all the parents spending £10 or more per child per costume, could the kids come into school in casual clothes and the parents donate £10 each to the school and the school gives each child a book…. to celebrate, well World Book Day?

Its just a thought but i’m fucking right, we do not need to spend money on wasteful shite to “celebrate” a point, the message we send to our kids is all screwed up. In my opinion.


The Phantom of the Opera, Or just a field mushroom with a parasitic toadstool atop? I’ll let you decide. We sung a little bit on the walk, because thats how we roll.


Due to no internet, still, but its on the way, rather mysteriously, sometime in the next 5 days. I had to work from the pub after finishing outside, so here it is, an insight into my life. Much love to you all but I have just about peaked.



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