March 13th 2018


New life seems to be blooming in our woods, I saw my first Wood anemone (wooden enemy) today and within the first sighting there all over the place, theres also lots of thick carpets of the glossy green bluebell shoots, with little bramble cover at the moment. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take over, I remember someone telling me in the pub the bramble grows in cycles; a certain number of years taking over and then it dies back a little, lets hope this is true. In fact due to the lack of naysayers thus far I’m going to attribute that as the “Undisputed Fact of the Day”.

Lets see you try to stop me.

Also, a really big surprise, the frogs have been out in earnest laying their eggs in all sorts of puddles, a couple we know are safe as they don’t tend to dry out as they’re in the shade but tonight i’ve been thinking there was another puddle which I’m not so sure about. Can I go and move the spawn? No, no I can’t.

Yucky stuff, I touched it once over 30 years ago, didn’t like it which is odd because I really like jelly and have no problem handling that or indeed raw meat, unless its squid which has that kind of clear ruler type thing inside its body… urgh yuk. So tadpole watch will once again start and so the puddles will spring to life, you just watch this blog and you’ll see.

Reaching the artwork (avid readers will recognise it) we were shocked to discover someone had added to it. A piece of flattened copper standing erect next to the iron and the rock. This is not acceptable, it was taken down, repositioned and M wrote the word “Ask” in biro on it (It was meant to be “Ask first before you add to the artwork” but the biro is not the outdoor writing implement of choice. This is seen with the use of a sharpie marker creating the childish Graffiti penned by an adult de-bunking our glorious leader. We do not carry sharpies, we are your friends)


You can see it if you look carefully enough, lets hope anyone else wishing to add to the artwork has a closer look, and maybe they will think twice. Look I know this is starting to sound like more of a policed state (wood) but when the weather perks up the vandals come out of hiding. They put away their drugs and drink in their creative juices, letting fly in the woods with their artistic ways. Well, I tell you what people… you have most definitely not seen anything yet.fullsizeoutput_10ea

Almost like the second shrawley wood whale, or maybe a crocodile? I’m launching a new feature: “Abstract Faces in Things” We’ll see how it goes for now, heres another, looks slightly like an old gnarly man, or a thin weather beaten head similar to the Easter Island Moai. A little bit… maybe.


After the Artwork scandal, walking back down the path by the side of the drained lake, c announced that at around this time she tends to zone out for a while, maybe thinking towards the days activities or maybe just utterly exasperated with the turn of the conversation at this point, every day, at this point!

Chat then turned to the lottery and the syndicate we have between us, N mentioned that if we won maybe another ticket should be bought, but we decided unanimously this was an awful idea as it was hard enough to come up with 6 numbers let alone another set, unless of course we used the same numbers twice. We all were happy enough to let the number of the deer have its day in the sun as surely it will with all the rest of its pals. But rules about payment were reiterated stating that, paragraph 2, section 6a “the buyer shall remind the syndicate members no less than 24 hours prior to purchase, so members have sufficient time to procure the necessary funds to complete the transaction”

It continues:

“Whosoever fails to provide sufficient monetary funding to cover their share of the ticket purchase for that particular week, may forgo the rights of any recuperation of winnings for the specific week. This is at the discretion of the other syndicate members”

It goes on… but I won’t bore you with any more of the legalities but you understand it is a serious business and not to be take lightly.


Tomorrow is the B-day of my wife, Mrs T. We’ve both got the day off and so plan to have fun times. I went shopping in Worcester in preparation today, there is a prize for telling me what you think the road fascists want us to do here?


Night night everyone.


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