March 14th 2018

fullsizeoutput_10f6Happy Birthday Mrs T! A good fun day ahead; a day flexi-time (thats when you don’t work but pretend you have sometime before). Like fully grown up adults of a certain age we were going to;

a) take a drive out

b) wander around the shops

c) have a light lunch

d) go home and have a doze.

This is exactly what happened: We drove to Malvern, and parked up, which incidentally has just reminded me; car park was 50p for an hour and £1.40 for 2 hours! Whats all that about? Malvern is very a very hilly victorian spa town for those of you who do not know it intimately, and has very much an artistic twist to it. By the time we reached the first shop Mrs T had lost her wallet, realising at the top of a very steep hill so there was panic as we scuttled down back to the car and to retrace our steps, I checked in a bank and someone had come in to hand it in, but turned out it wasn’t the same bank as Mrs T’s cards so they offed and left to hand it into the correct bank. I have just realised this is relatively dull. The record shop was shut, Mrs T bought some amazing sun glasses, some  candles are obscenely expensive, nice colours but buy some felt tip pens for goodness sake, we located a fab chair with a brown and white cow like covering, comfy on the bott.

Lunch in the Chase Inn clinging to the side of the hills to the West, with an amazing view over Herefordshire and beyond towards the Black Mountains, a few times I’ve sat in the beer garden with a pint of Bathams and a ham sandwiches marvelling at the view. Lunch was really good but I have one issue, and one issue only:


I’m not completely sold on the colour of the coleslaw, only blackberry yogurt should be this colour and should not be served with prawn sandwiches.

I had a doze when home this afternoon, before going out again, the reason?

I am Old, and only getting more so.

Visit the Lamb and Flag for Italian food, even the kids cleared their plates, but now alas I am exhausted, and must go to bed (see earlier posts for age related complaints, you’ll all understand when you get to my age)


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