March 15th 2018

Sooner or later, i’m going to fall out with work. Its getting the way of this blogging tang. I enjoy doing it. 11 fucking 30 and i’ve just stopped, pm by the way. No one is looking because I have no time to look and read my reader page. Work gets in the way, I suspect it always has and will do. I don’t know because I haven’t been there, its always slightly ahead of me.

Today I had a letter (email but in letter form) home from the teacher, all day its upset me, I think if its never happened maybe it would you too. Stay calm, confiscate the phone and refuse to drive them around. It’s working for me, but she’s not talking to me now, so its not working for me. That was a short lived thing. The feelings i’m getting now may indicate that I am not wrong but somehow at fault and my daughter must be allowed to do what the hell she wants…. Does anyone else get this Dad guilt? Or another way, “Who doesn’t get this Dad guilt thing?”

Bollox she’s won.


So for the second day in a row, it’s the “Abstract faces in things” feature of the day. This looks a bit like, erm, a face in a tree? Big google eyes and with a stump of a cigar in its mouth, like Hannibal from the A-team. Just give it time and you will see. Look at the eye lids, its like reptile man or should I say Lizard man (an actual person.)

Heres comes another fucker, this one is

“Unchallenged and Therefore Possible True Fact of the Day”

You must never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Apparently, and I have no reason to doubt the word of M (or should I call him R?) The age of the horse can be told by the length or the girth of its teeth, the longer the teeth, the older the horse.

Aaaghh, I’ve just realised, long in the tooth means old, horses teeth grow with age. Just got that.

So here we go; Because to gift or give a horse away is an expensive and magnanimous display of generosity and wealth, the person receiving the horse should never look a gift horse the mouth because it shouts disrespect at the gift bearer. There you go, thats it, thanks M (or should I say R?)

If you get this far you should watch this and get involved with some banging tunes

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