March 18th 2018

I’ve said this once before and I will say it again. Viewers of a sensitive disposition please look away now and avoid looking at the following photo, it is pretty primal. But there is a reason for showing it, I’m a sadist! Not really, it’s a seldom seen game bird, in my estimation a Woodcock, could be a Snipe but we consulted and Woodcock seemed the most likely. Wish I’d seen it flying rather than lying.


You may notice lightness on the leaf bed on which thew bird lies, that is called sunlight and whilst present in the winter months tends to be weaker in brightness, yesterday the sun was bright, it was a lovely but cold day and then overnight this happened.


About 10cm of the damn stuff and really cold, Russian cold, those goddamn Siberian winds, destination Shrawley, we no want your nonsense.

The mushrooms we found painted on a stone yesterday were potentially showing the way to a bumper crop, if the ground ever thaws out, but I spoke to a friend of mine who paints stones and drops stones in unusual places for a hobby as I thought she potentially was the culprit. It appears not; but there is a lady, who we will call Miss A X for the purposes of secrecy, who was going to do her first stone drop in Shrawley this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled folks and Miss A X, if you are putting some stones out there, please do not disturb our pets, the frog spawn. If we find one you will be the first to know, unless of course you don’t read this blog (and lets be realistic about it, who does?!) and so you won’t know. If I may impart some friendly advice Miss A X, this is probably your one stop shop for all things trifling and irrelevant concerning the Woods of Shrawley, the Shrawley and Witley Times certainly won’t offer this service!




Mrs T did an amazing job painting and I sanded today, putting up blinds thus giving us some privacy in the lounge for the first time since we had no curtains (a way back, over a year). Bare wood rocks especially after a good sanding back and then applying a coat of Danish Oil, mmm yum, and the cotton white walls (white) look simply calming; photos to follow. All that remains to say is despite the Mighty Leicester City Foxes loosing to Chelsea in the 1/4 finals of the FA cup today, I remain upbeat for the future, despite not knowing what it holds.

C, I checked on Mrs T’s phone and it shouldn’t be a problem to view the music videos which often appear towards the end of the blog entry, sort it out.

Oh yes, did I forget to mention? We won the lottery yesterday, 2 numbers out of a possible 6 came up, I think M’s and mine, regrettably “the number of the deer” didn’t make a showing but it’s only a matter of time. This, I believe, gives us a free go on the lottery, so we will have 2 tickets for next Saturday, I can hardly bear the excitement as I’m sure you are all having trouble keeping a little bit of wee from seeping out involuntarily, you’ll understand when you get to my age Tena-gers! (I just made that one up and I think its funny, like Mole-teasers you can have them) So excitement but potentially a clerical nightmare, lets hope we get 6 numbers so we can all pack up and go home.


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