March 19th 2018


No Filters today, look at the sky, it was incessantly cold today, the Russian winds sweeping across Europe, gathering speed and dumping their wrath all over the kingdom of shrawley. Thanks, its lovely, really.

Gordon Bennett it’s March, the clocks go forward in another week, less than, and we are slap bang in the middle of an ice age. To top it all the holiday we’ve booked to Bulgaria is being cross examined by my daughter, she’s concerned it’s not going to be hot enough, really?

M was not meant to be here today; he had important business down in Devon, we don’t know what and I don’t think we need to know. But happily he was here in buoyant mood and decided that as the snow was awful on the roads to Devon and he would be late, then he may as well set off late anyway. Thats my kind of thinking! We discussed a potential addition to our sculpture/ art installation; you know, the one that some nameless art terrorist tried to adulterate,  this story appears in the narrative, it’s an ongoing thing. It is important. So folks, watch this space.

I saw an old work mate today who retired 2 years back, I was kicked off site due to the snow and H&S issues, and so went round for a cup of tea.

God my day sounds dull which is why I’m stopping now, sometimes its for the best.

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