A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2018

A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2018


As ever, I hope I’ve got this right, theres so much to try and get to grips with, but, I hear you say, shut up and listen to what the instructions say. So here goes, I’ve only been blogging for 2 and a half months and came across this via somebody who I follow and I believe follows me.

I’ve been having a real laugh doing this, enjoying and challenging myself, and so with the month of April comes contemplation, as Spring abounds and new life sprouts forth in my Woods.

Theres going to be tons of news to keep everybody up to date with within the woods and also with this A-Z Challenge, photos to take, music to select (maybe a different band name to coincide with the blog letter too!) Fuck I seem to be getting ideas well above my capability, but lets give it a go.

So the big reveal is…

I’m doing it, I’m doing it…

It’s a subject very close to my heart ….

It’s quite a serious subject too…

Its Adoption, thats it, that is what it is.

I hope it reaches everybody at the A-Z challenge, and I hope you duck in and check it out from time to time.

May, may be a fallow month!



  1. I was scrolling through the sign up list and saw your theme. I’ll look forward to your posts. I’m also intrigued by your description as a writer in a cartographer’s body – especially since my theme this year is literary maps.
    Have fun with the challenge. I first did the A to Z challenge when I first started blogging and it really helped me learn how to blog.

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    • Hi Claire, thanks for your comments. I’m hoping I can complete the challenge with aplomb. I was admitted and want to tell the story somehow and this seemed a good way to start. Not everything will be included and it may descend/ascend into comedy. I’m just making notes on my thoughts on the process. We will see how it goes, have to get to grips with the alphabet yet not to mention making sure everyone can see the blog who wants to! It’s all so complicated!
      Oh my job is drawing maps for the Ordnance Survey around Worcestershire, Herefordshire and occasionally Gloucestershire, it’s not a bad life! The pats crap but the countryside rocks


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