Daily Prompt, Identical.


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It’s a sad day today. I read, Sudan; the final male Northern White Rhino has died. He leaves 2 females; his daughter and grand daughter I think, which doesn’t look good for their future. No matter how useless you think the male of the species may be, we do have a point to our being somewhere along the breeding lines.

I’m assuming there is frozen Northern White Rhino sperm in a tube in a laboratory freezer somewhere in the world, they may even be hundreds of identical tubes full to the brim of the stuff. Christ I bet they keep it in bottles, like a milk production line, unfortunately not in production any more. But lets hope for success in the coming years, unfortunately, regrettably I don’t hold out much hope for the bleak looking future of the species.

Whilst thinking about this today as I walked around the building site doing my daily work, I asked myself, why the hell do we still tolerate this abuse of our largest surviving species? I mean why, now numbers of some are getting perilously low, are we finally waking up to realise maybe we shouldn’t have plundered all the best stuff from those countries we invaded with flags. Ripping out the beating heart. I believe Joni Mitchel, and I know its a massive cliche, but really:

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”

We should all be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves, the oceans, the forests, the poles, the mountains, the deserts even fucking space is littered with our shit. We have no respect for anything and soon will have a desperately serious problem. I am no activist, but you don’t have to be to see what we are doing to Gaia. I think, and I’m sure many scientist types will tell me otherwise, that by the time our children’s children’s children are walking the scorched earth, there will be  skeletons of Rhinos in the entrance of the Natural History Museum; an animal extinct or on the verge of being so, maybe Polar Bears too maybe species of Whales or Dolphins. I don’t know man, it feels really sad. I think that our lands, skies and oceans will no longer be able to support the larger predators and so they will die out. Insects and microbes will rule the world, they will be the real kings of the jungle. Millions and Millions of identical marauding beetles or ants. I’m sure cockroaches will get a look in. How depressing, I think I’ve been really lucky to see the stuff I have, to ride on an elephant and to see a blue whale just on the edge of the arctic circle. Will my kids? Who knows, we seem to be fighting a loosing battle with everyone in power, who knew micro plastic is in our drinking water bottles!

The world is officially insane, all of us on a path to destruction.

But tomorrow, I’m not taking Mrs T for an appointment early in the morning, and thus normal service will resume. In other words a load of nonsense, identical to the days past and the days into the future.

Good Night.

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