March 23rd 2018


What a swell party that was.

Well, C wasn’t back, poor son was poorly still. But arrangements were made for sorting the lottery. Ear aches can be really awful, and having been a child  once who had them regularly and has forgotten how grim they really are, well my thoughts go out to you my friend. Get Will Soon.

I filled the car up today, not with apples, as I saw a photo showing just that; a car full of apples. I put £50.01 worth of diesel in, I failed to stop the pump on the 50, my reactions are slowing and it isn’t a video game i’m playing, but somehow I still find it important to try and land on an even number. I tried being cavalier at petrol stations, I tried just absentmindedly looking away from the counter and stopping when the hose jerks; yeah £53.71! Thats me, Random. Doesn’t matter I don’t care, Uneven numbers don’t worry me. Symmetry yah bollox. And they shouldn’t but as a copious user of the fluid, and I drive miles and miles, 126 today, somehow figures and order matter. Chaos is no longer my friend. The point being the chap let me of the 1p, without my pleading or begging; this was a good omen.

Travelled the wilds of western Herefordshire today, saw some river and saw some flowers.

I think primrose. Plus some dick left a poo bag in the bush.



One comment

  1. like it… i loved it even the mud slip encounter.

    dom is your old bath in good condition? if yes and i can find storage …do u want to sell it ?



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