March 26th 2018

Woo Hoo!

The band are back together! C,D,M and N all set forth today in the barmy spring sunshine, M without a coat, N without a jumper on under coat, C and D dressed as normal, maybe over much so. Today we had glue and goodies in our pockets and an idea which had been gestating for sometime now, but was impossible to preview due to C’s absence is finally upon us and you and literally out in the open.


By the look of things Spring is really here and the race for the first bluebell spot is on. I’m hedging my bets at the moment to say that as the Wooden Enemies are not really out yet then I’d predict the bluebells may be a little behind. There again who knows, the stifling touch of winter could still be upon us, with yet more snow predicted for Easter, or as I like to call it, this coming Sunday. N gave us all a gift today, very kindly, especially as N doesn’t eat sugar and so possibly was drooling inwardly as M scoffed, by sucking, individual slabs.


Reese’s always has an orange sticker with confectionary ¬†information covering up the confectionary information on the wrapping; trying to find out why is more problematic than you might suppose as the sticker tears and will not reveal the under writings. Steaming the bar’s rogue stickers off may work, but then the potential is to melt the chocolate and thus release the peanut butter insides, so even re-freezing the bar would not be able to prevent the alteration in chocolate and filling consistency. All I can say is thank god I don’t really enjoy the Reese’s bar and so will try not to loose any sleep over this conundrum.I took the smooth milk which has the most calories within and the least extra shit, figure that out.

So today, is the day for hiding little Star Wars figures over the wood, my son has tons of these little folk and is more than happy to let me hide them within the woodland. We’ve only hid 3 so far but rest assured more will be deposited; they would be good things to find, I think. But you have to look hard as they are not going to be in the most obvious places, indeed I’ve got a good mind to put some in spots they will never be found, why not? Then I could come back in 30 years time and still find Chewbacca glued to a tree fungus about 8 or 9 feet up. Incidentally D narrowly missed serious injury as he tumbled to the ground from the tree whilst trying to hide Chewie. Must not climb trees in wellies.


So from the top:

Apparently, Luke Skywalker in a jar on a railing.

Chewbacca around 8-9 feet up on a toadstool type fungus clinging to a Silver Birch (Queen of the wood; the tree not Chewbacca, He’s a Wookie and a fictional character for those of you who don’t know)

Some sort of imperial clone trooper in a hole in an Oak or Small Leaf Lime tree. I’ll check and let you know. I’m sure we’ve got plenty of Bark fans out there who could shed a little light for us.


Now the “Piece de Resistance”, what looks like a lego policeman inside the art installation which some people find they have to interfere with. That little hole is made for a lego man, a sentinel of the fields before one reaches the woods. We plan to develop this sculpture at the woods entrance, who knows it may become a tourist attraction. But I have no patience with small children or indeed adults (small or large) who decide they want to alter the sculpture. Just hands off; it’s not even a question of asking any more, this is the property of the Ministry, and as custodians of the morning walk through Shrawley woods, we therefore have over arching power over any interlopers who try to copy of change the sculpture. Unless of course it makes us laugh in which case it goes to committee and vote. What happens after is untested and therefore unknown.

Its probably best just to leave well alone and let the true artist’s artistic sensibilities run wild.

Just as a foot note, N don’t forget the glue and some string tomorrow, i’ll bring the figures, we’ve got tons!

A banger of a tune for you all… turn it up!


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