Daily prompt: Inefficient


via Daily Prompt: Inefficient

I thought I’d take the bath room apart. I had no skip outside for the rubbish yet but figured if I hack the tiles off the walls first and place them in bags next to the bath, then I can crawl behind the bath to disconnect it. Afterwards I’ll cut the piping and unscrew the taps; I’ll put them in shopping bags too. Then I can remove the sink and the pedestal, and put them next to the upended bath in front of the window. I’ll remove the tiles behind where the sink was now and I may as well take off the plasterboard too, its old after all. Shit the wooden slats are full of splinters and now sou is my hand. Whats this? I’m bleeding, damn it’s the tiles where they don’t come off fully they’re really sharp. Where are the plasters? Right I’ll go down stairs, they’re next to the cooker I think. Shit it’s dribbling on the new hall carpet, I’ll use masking tape and toilet roll, thats what i’ll do. God I’m getting wet dust on the carpet now. Ok i’ll go back into the bathroom and see if I can pull up some floor tiles. Wow they’re coming up easily, why is it wet underneath? Shit there’s a leak.

“Why is the cooker wet?” a shout from downstairs.

“Nothing, everything is under control”

Oh no the boarding underneath the tiles is black and wet, the floor boards underneath also look black. If I stack the tiles up in the corner by the door then I will make more room. Eaugh it stinks in here, really damp, look a dead mouse. Whats this wire for? Something drops onto the floor from the ceiling downstairs as I try to jimmy up a floor board from under the hard board and the bath shakes slipping down the wall knocking the pedestal over. It’s a mess. I think I’ll go downstairs and have a beer.

And folk say I’m inefficient.




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