April 1st 2018

Happy easter all, it’s what Jesus would have wanted; gorging oneself on chocolate and sweets. It’s the first time i’ve taken my blog on the road and I don’t like it, I feel uncomfortable and with a house full of folk its hard to gather my thoughts let alone find somewhere quiet to sit. All the kids went to bed either really late or drunk or both! There was sickness down the loo, there was cat piss on the bed sheets and cat shit in the bathroom. There was fake tan all over the towels and moody attitudes aplenty. More tea is drunk than can be healthy, I know I could say no of course. And boy did we drink some wine. So Happy Birthday to Mrs T’s Dad I’m sure the chaos will dissipate soon to the 3 corners of the country when we all go our separate ways.

On a personal note, I’ve now been blogging for 90 days!! 3 months and I am loving it, I have discovered some really lovely intelligent, creative folk here, long may it continue and long may you reign you fabulous folk.

Today I start my A-Z blog with the theme of Adoption; a different letter for everyday on that subject running from A to Z, not including Sundays aside from this Sunday, Easter Sunday.


So If you lot can bear it I will make a start later on when the fighting and shouting stops. It’s getting kinda heavy. So in the mean time here’s some Lichen from the Kitchen.




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