March 30th 2018


Equally at home on the beach or in what remains of the bathroom. I tooled up today to smash the shit out of my bathroom. I threw tiles out of the window into the skip with gay abandon, I carried the bigger panels of tiles which stuck together carefully down the stairs on the pretty new carpet, taking care to take my slippers off when I reached the end of the protective sheets, then turned down the narrow staircase, not bashing the sharp tile edges onto the wall, at the bottom I donned my crocs, opened the front door, sprung up onto the retaining wall for the drive and slam dunked the tiles into the skip. Breaking the tiles is important because complete tiles take up space, I need to fill the air within the spaces, thus I smash the tiles. It is incredibly cathartic.

Walking today, I hid a car and a ninja turtle, no one will find it, but its there. The ninja has no idea why he is there, but I do. It’s all about the scenery and having toys in my pocket.



This is a really good abstract faces in things, for all of you who have seen the brilliant film The Deer-hunter; the ribbon was around the tree, I have no idea why it is there, there were other ribbons but I did not take further photos, film is precious. To me this tree is Christreepher Walken. While I walked past these trees today there was no suggestion of any Russian roulette, the only bangs were from the crow scarer which has been the subject of much consternation from the village people. It’s the countryside and we just have to suck it up, no one has the right to silence or a view and the sooner we realise this the better. I have lovely places to walk, but I have to drive to buy milk or wine or chicken. In the city you could walk, that is if you could be arsed to get up out of your pit.

My daughter pierced her ear for the third time today, this was not in the program and had been explicitly forbidden. Now she has no phone for the foreseeable. However on Sunday expect amazing art photographed in an outside setting, I’m saying no more now suffice to say that I will be visiting an exhibition by arguably Britains greatest and controversial living artist. Watch this space, see if you can stomach following me for another couple of days, then you can go off and read that De Vinci Book, if you really must.

Tired Good Night folks. I’ll leave you with a truly exceptional music video C, if you’re reading, try and get the video side of things to work, it’ll add an extra dimension to it all.


  1. You seem to always find the weirdest clips.
    I’m surprised that aside from tossing the tiles, and therefor making them break, you don’t also go in with a hammer to smash them into dust. They would take up even less space.


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