April 4th 2018


It has been quite a busy few days on my A-Z challenge thus far in April (please read it, its on my main page), so a day for catching up, still no bluebells but there have been tentative alterations made to the installation. This is all subject to approval from our absent member C, who is childcare and working at the moment, we should have some sort of confirmation on Friday subject to the presence of C.  It is a rusty bolt of around 8 inches with moving parts; chain and washer, most of the bolt is hidden underneath, stood proud it looked cocky. Please don’t be shy in letting us, the Ministry, know what you think. (I really think some people will have an opinion, I’m trying to pull you in to my web of petit concerns)


Heres a rather stern potentially tenuous faces in things, like one of the Moai on Easter Island, it certainly isn’t the first on this blog, you can look back but there is no search facility and so you’ll have to read all through this drivel all over again from the beginning lest you miss something important, there are bits… I think!

Once again it rained today, the ground is ultra ready for all of the flowers, and the brambles are gathering pace getting ready to strangle and smother the bluebells when the eventually come. Please stay with me folks, they are spectacular. Tiredness kills so I am going to take a break and will see you all tomorrow, but not before I invite you to stare into the abyss; look into it and tell me what you see.


A year or two ago there would have been Hornets buzzing me as I took the photo, not today, all the holes have been closed down.


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