A-Z Challenge: My Theme; Adoption. The letter E.

A-Z Challenge 2018



I don’t know if this is spelt correctly; there are 2 schools of thought: There is the traditionalists who favour “I-spy” and then the renegades,(of which I count myself to be one) who favour “Eye-spy”. My group doesn’t use the traditionalist’s and some might say squares’ rhyme which goes with the game; “I spy with my little eye something beginning with… etc”. Oh no we  sing “My eye spy, sees and tells I something beginning with… etc”. So there it is, car games will never be the same again, and you can judge a person by the way they play Eye-Spy, I know I’ve ditched all my old mates who played the other way, we didn’t see Eye to I!

So going back to Norcap and all the amazing work they did, coupling them with the raft of information my Dad had given to me which he kept in a folder in his filing cabinet, I discovered the full names of my Biofolks. A Revelation; that these mystery people had names somehow made them more real, and there didn’t seem any way I could pull out of this adventure. With names, it is possible to research and find where they may live so long as the names are documented in the phone book, on the electoral register, in the births marriage and deaths register, on Facebook, Twitter, etc etc. Having never really needed to look for anyone before, this was all new to me and for the princely fee of £10 I was able to conduct a handful of searches of particular names on the internet.

Within 10 minutes I had the address and phone number of my Biodad! Where he lived, it was insane! I had used up 3 searches, which come to think of it was how many £10 had got me and I had an amazing amount of information. There was a list of all the people who were registered within the house, there was loads; all with different surnames, men and women although I do remember lots of women. My mind was racing as to who these people were, there was no sign of Pam but there was of Mick (Biomum and Biodad respectively) and so I thought maybe there had been a divorce, and then it occurred to me that maybe my Biofolks did not get married, they were young anyway and I imagine having to relinquish a baby, your first baby would test any relationship to the maximum, destroying it I’d think.

Mrs T and I sat at the kitchen table hardly believing our eyes, for 38 years I hadn’t dares to ask my Mum and Dad for the folder in the filing cabinet for fear of upsetting them, then within 10 minutes my world had changed once more and I had ideas of starting up a detective agency!

“Lets have a look on Google Earth”

This is what my wife said to me and I looked at her, a real look of amazement in my eyes. What was to stop us playing a bit of Eye spy? What indeed. 2 minutes later I saw they had a hydrangea in the tidy front garden, the flowers were not out yet as it must have been spring when the great Google Eye passed by my blood relative’s house. We zoomed in to look in the window to see if we could make out any figures lurking behind the curtain, checked up and down the road to see if we could see any walkers, looked at the back gate. I was stalking what i hoped may be my own family, I was looking at the place they slept, trying to see through their windows. It made me feel odd and pour a couple of large glasses for me and Mrs T.

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought the day would have ended on such a high.

I have to say, if you’ve got this far, then thank you for indulging me but I am finding it really hard to keep everything chronological so please try and remember or go back and visit past posts which, in fairness, will probably confuse you more!

See you all tomorrow.


  1. Yes, the chronology is a bit confusing. We found out that your Biomum was dead in the last post. Is she still dead in this one?
    The Internet has made the spying so much easier.


  2. I’m not too confused (though it helps I fell behind and read a couple days at a time). Loving your story though. It’s really awesome to see into the lives of others.

    Jayden R. Vincente
    Erotic Fiction Writer


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