A-Z Challenge: My Theme; Adoption. The Letter I.

A-Z Challenge 2018



Yes, you read that correctly and I don’t profess to be an expert in the despicable practice. In fact I’m glad to say I do not know anyone who is and nor do I want to. It was said, in the not so distant past, the nobility practiced the dark activities to continue and maintain the family blood line, but succeeded in creating off-spring more likely to exhibit physical or mental disabilities.

So there we are, It’s not for me. Not even for all the tea in Sri Lanka, and I really like tea. Nay, Nay and thrice Nay. But why? Why are you talking of such things I hear the reader ask, I know there is at least one of you.

When I met the beautiful folk at NORCAP and we discussed my adoption and my wish to meet any blood relatives they could help me to find. There were many points and topics to remember and to try and inwardly digest. So many so that after my initial meeting with the charity my head was swimming with facts, ifs buts and maybes. But one thing that stuck, and I don’t mean it was the only thing, but this struck me as very interesting and altogether unbelievable. The thing that stuck was my mediator said to me

“Sometimes, adopted children, when and if they find their Biofolks, Biosiblings; all or both, may find them attractive and feel uncontrollable urges to kiss, hug, even sleep with them. To form a sexual relationship with them!”

It goes with out saying that this came as a shock to me and I made a mental note to myself that this must never happen

a) Because it is against the law.

b) Because it is disgusting.

c) Because I am a rational human being (despite last night’s “H” post!)

There we have it, not a subject I really want to discuss, i’m sure there are plenty of “I” subjects I could wax lyrical over, but this seemed a deliciously controversial Taboo topic, never thought of apart from the warning issued from NORCAP when meeting blood relatives!

Good night all.




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