April 10th 2018

Seeing photos the night before of my friends’ kids leaping around in the garden, without tops on and playing with water pistols, the caption something along the lines of “Spring is here”. It was therefore  of absolutely no surprise to wake up to the sound of the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof above our bed this morning.


Spring bollocks, this weather is really getting on my nerves, England is the green and pleasant land or “Jerusalem” due to the amount of rain we have and because the people are naturally un-combative, or pleasant. We discuss the weather and tea, thats it. Today was no exception I expected due to this incessant bloody down pouring we seem to be experiencing on a kind of Groundhog day type loop.

C wasn’t here today but M and N were and we bumped into our friend and her daughter (very surprising for a 15 year old to be up at this time in the Easter Holidays I thought), who I shall refer to as C2 and C3 to protect the identity lest anyone is reading who may have designs of exposing our little merry band of pranksters. C2 has a fat round lovely brown Labrador dog, who looks a bit like Winston Churchill to my eyes. We chatted largely about the weather, and the whereabouts of the bluebells which I had seen, can you believe they accused me of using an old photograph. In this blog, all is as it seems, no bullshit because there is no need, I gain absolutely nothing from peddling lies.

So to recap;

It’s wet and the steep bit of hill which we have to walk up on the first part of the walk is getting steeper and narrower and a lot more slippy and harder to walk up. Every one is slipping on this bit of track and thus making it a real mud bath.

The Tadpoles are alive and well in their puddles, we checked yesterday but forgot to issue the report that all was well. Maybe they didn’t fancy going out much like us.

Spring is not here, just yet.

Tomorrow The family D are going on an adventure; we are going to the Forest of Dean, where we will be staying in  very exciting accommodation in the middle of a wood. I will be out of wifi shot so may miss out on a couple of lenghty posts but  will try my best to get something down over the next few days. I’ve the A-Z challenge to crack on with too, so I will need to be on the ball, somewhere along the line. Expect a full match report on Friday.


I’d turn this up if I were you, and for the uninitiated listen to 6music, you can get it on the internet in America.

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