A-Z Challenge: My Theme; Adoption. The Letter K

A-Z Challenge 2018



I hope i’m not too late and I also hope i’m not going to get told off due to my lateness at posting this, my 11th A-Z Challenge post. I’ve been away see, somewhere very cold and muddy with my wife and kids and wifi at the place was sketchy to say the least and even more sketchy was time away from everyone to get stuff written down! So on behalf of my self I apologise and to my followers and singular readers please don’t desert me! A day late, but I think the rules are 2 days so I should be ok, I think; I just hope the A-Z army don’t storm Shrawley woods looking for me, I’d have to change the name of my blog!

So; Kids. I have 2 shown in the photo above, one is 14 and the other is 9. I have been with these two lunatics for 14 years and 9 respectively and haven’t missed a great deal, any thing I have I will have been told by someone via, speech, letter or social media. When my wife and I had kids (she did the hard part, I did the fun part!) suddenly everything made sense to me; I had not entertained seriously trying to find my Biofolks at that point as I was enjoying being employed with a small mortgage, great holidays, nights out, sleeping in etc and was barely responsible for my self and so suddenly having a little girl (munchkin) who, incidentally was born on my birthday, made my life mean something. It meant that from not having a knowable bloodline I had created one from scratch (with Mrs T) and it felt pretty cool. I was a real Biodad my self, i’d never thought how cool that would have felt. I felt blessed, it made me realise that I could have my own Biochildren and this was something i’d never considered before, I don’t know why.

As I mentioned before a psychiatrist could have a field day in my head, and to be fair I’d love to have one in my head, maybe a few questions could be answered and new ones asked.

My daughter took my birthday for her own, which is in November; a really bleak time of year as far as the weather is concerned where I am and so as we age together and my birthday becomes more irrelevant and her’s more important (allegedly) I have but one thought in my head that when I am 50 she will be 18, which promises to be a belter of a party with lots of embarrassing 50 year olds acting up; The ultimate embarrassment! Lest I forget, I have a wonderful little lad born in August and all together warmer time of year,  who is growing up to be a thoroughly fine chap; good manners and a keenness for reading which I love.

I love them both dearly in different ways as they are my own and I think how amazing my Mum and Dad are, as they too loved me equally deeply under different circumstances by taking me in. They are absolute heroes; this challenge is teaching me this.

More later, I hope you’re still there!



  1. What a cool photo. I just hope their heads didn’t remain stuck in between the steps(?).
    I have to tell you off, because I was wondering if I somehow missed your post yesterday and was about to post a missing person ad on my blog (not really, but…). But then again, I know how Internet access and life in general can screw up your writing plans.
    Glad you’re still here.
    What a heartfelt post.


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