A-Z Challenge: My Theme; Adoption. The Letter J.

A-Z Challenge 2018



Without 2 of these I couldn’t have got through this episode, (my whole life) in the manner that I have. So without being too gushy to sound like some sort of Oscars acceptance speech, or even to sound too needy I would like to pay a short but essential tribute to both of the Jos.

Firstly my Mum, long suffering, who had me for the first part of my life. Her name is Josephine and she (and My Dad but for the purposes of this letter, J,  I haven’t included him, his name is Michael) has bought me up in the way she saw fit. I have a good moral compass, knowing right from wrong, I try to treat people the way I would expect to be treated myself, I try to be polite and even sometimes to consider myself to be a touch old fashioned as is my Mum! Nature verses Nurture again! Jose’ and Mike tried incredibly hard to have kids of their own but through a series of really awful luck and heartbreak in the guise of several miscarriages and a still born child, they decided to give someone else, an orphan, me, a chance of the good life! They loved me unconditionally as their own and for that I am eternally grateful and will never forget, well who would?

Secondly my Wife, again long suffering, who has had me for the second part of my life. Her name is Jo, which buggers up her anonymity for the main part of this blog where she is known as  Mrs T, so I suggest you all forget her name after finishing this post. She has put up with my irrational behaviour, my mood swings my stupidity, my relentless get up and go and inability to sit still for all these years, 15 married nearly and maybe 6 or so before that. She grew up, I’m still trying to!. It was Jo who after 38 years helped and persuaded me to ask my folks for my adoption file which was in my Dad’s filing cabinet. It was Jo who told me to open the file after nearly 3 days of just staring at it on the kitchen table, terrified at what it may hold. I needn’t have worried, all was well with her by my side to keep me grounded.

I love you both in ways which may not always be evident, but i do in the only way I know how. And so a big Thank You is required. I am the eternal optimist to the point of being a dreamer I would say, my glass is always nearly full of frothy golden bitter and when it looks to be getting low, I top it back up!

I have more to say but for another time, J is a pretty tricky letter I have found, and so K will be brought to you from a yurt in the middle of a Rainy Forest of Dean tomorrow sometime.




  1. J came out early (compared to the other posts). How very sweet of you to write this letter. It still boggles my mind that it took you 38 years to want to look into that file, especially since it was right there all along.


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