April 14th 2018

This is where we’ve been, this is the reason I could not write. I am being slightly untruthful in that I was there, there was 3G in these woods, so I could get on line, but the weather was so cold and so there was no where I could sit, on my own, in the quiet because there was only one warm place and that was in our Yurt with the log burner on, or in the hot tub, which took 6 hours to heat up. It was a cold mini break, and would have been 10 times better had the sun come out for at least 5 minutes, as it was it felt more like medieval England; grey, muddy, foggy and cold, not freezing just uncomfortably cold. We don’t know how lucky we are living when we do with the facilities we do. Only about 30 years ago my best mates Dad said to me, when I appeared a little shivery in his house,

“Whats up with you? Are you cold? Put a bloody jumper on.”

That stuck; put a bloody jumper on NOT turn up the heating lets wreck the planet for our kids.


I think I saw one of these moths in a biology book, its markings were meant to describe evolution, I know what that is and fully believe in it. My issue is I cannot remember the name of the moth, it’ll come just you wait. This daffodil had a bee attached, it was dead, but still clinging for pollen.


Here’s some nice flowers for all you lovers out there, I bought some for my wife today, have you?



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