April 15th 2018


My first walk with the Ministry for around 5 days, we walked a different route today, discussing deer, bluebells and deer shit; this is typical of us country folk, we have nothing else to discuss. The bombing of Syria by Trump and his allies with the UK and France adding just enough missiles to have America on our side but not quite enough for people to label our involvement an atrocity as we wake up on Monday with the reports of civilian casualties. I’m no politician and I do not know what the answers are, I suspect they are humanitarian in some way, but everything this government does seems to be carefully calculated to piss off the minimum amount of people, we’ve a mighty shit, cynical, weak, inoffensive and ultimately massively offensive and eager to please prime minister and Government.

Other things discussed, and this will be the undisputed and yet really surprising fact of the day, is that the black garden ant lives for …. Guess …. 15 years!!! This is amazing, they’ve seen prime ministers come and go on just anting about, looking after the queen and grabbing a decent nights sleep when they can. The queen will sleep for 9 hours a day! The workers 1/2 that but with frequent power naps where they can get them. I have no pictures of ants today, but will keep an eye out for some in the future when the weather sorts itself out.

Yesterday we went for a family walk after my sons amazing showing at the football, scoring a decisive goal! Very proud of the young chap. So yesterday after 13 years of walking in the woods my wife saw her first deers; a muntjac and possibly a roe/ fallow or red, not sure and I’m sure I should know, but they were at close quarters, thats what you get when you off road!


Great news is that someone is painting stones and stowing them away in the woods for folk to find, we found one at the foot of a dog piss stained Forestry Commission sign post; Worcester Love on the Rocks!

Viewers of a sensitive disposition need look away now, everyone else check this out. I was struck by how bright the colours of the feathers still were, It’s not blood just wonderful feather pigmentation, I wonder how the woodpecker was killed. Not a great thing to see in a bed of leaves by the side of the road, but beautiful to know these wonderful creatures are around us, enriching our lives subliminally and populating natures palette.


No A-Z today! Half way through, and really looking forward to the continuing saga as I hope you may be.

Cheers for now.

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