April 17th 2018

fullsizeoutput_121aI’m going to have to condense; so much has been happening recently and I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned it all. Having the easter holidays in the middle of this A-Z challenge, and going away to stay in a yurt in the freezing bloody cold weather, plus the bathroom being removed and then in the process of being replaced has put me in a bit of a spin.

In brief; scandal hit the art installation today as we left the woods, someone had placed a house brick, a really red and heavy one, stood up on its end next to the authorised objets d’art and the little lego man. We saw it and before a collective shriek of outrage had left anyone of our lips, C swept it off the monolithic installation post in disgust. The brick was stood on, kicked and removed and thrown into a thicket. Do not mess, people, the ministry has eagle eyes and the means to punish any perpetrators, more severely that I care to mention. N has a shed with machines and implements of destruction and torture, M I think has a sofa in his shed, or at least there is talk of getting one.

We discussed briefly what sort of voices the different trees and plants would have in the woods and it went as expected:

Oak- deep and booming, authoritative and wise.

Woodland Primrose- small and faint, sweet and twee.

So no surprises there.


This week the weather has gone cold, again,  after Saturday looked slightly warmer and held promise. But in a weather flash for tomorrow; C ‘s prediction:

Wednesday is the Hot comes, no sprinkles on Wednesday. (Translated means Sunny with no rain) And how about this to finish with:

A Very much Doubted, but we were to dumbfounded to disagree or to dispute, Fact of the day. This day provided by N from the ministry. Worcester Cricket Ground used to be in Wales. That is, the western side of the River Severn. I’ll leave it up to you but I smell a rat, not to mention I hear mice too in my house, after the ripping up of floor boards and severe disturbance of the unseen, unvisited places of my little cottage.



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