A-Z Challenge: My Theme; Adoption. The Letter O.

A-Z Challenge 2018fullsizeoutput_1217

Older brother.

This is something I suddenly became over night, in fact 2 things I became over night. An older brother to a younger sister, Emma, and an older brother to a still younger brother, Steve.  I may or may not be protecting their anonymity and you may never know.

But they know who they are, out in cyberspace somewhere, hello both.

I never expected to suddenly become very close, there seemed so much to catch up on, so many jokes about the presents they owed me as their older brother, so many things to tell them, to teach them (a bit late for that, they know everything anyway!) I really liked it when I found out, and the bond we share is really strong, almost without trying, in fact definitely without even a hint of trying. Again like suddenly finding myself impersonating my Biodad, I found I had things in common with them both, I looked very similar to my Biosis, same face but more rugged, thats me by the way! We both seemed to have a wish to plunge right into life without thinking of the consequences, and really still would, were it not for age catching up and shadowing me!

My Biobro, I think I look less similar to, but some people say not, I do find it odd how different people have different perceptions of the face, when it is as plain for both to see; maybe we are blind to certain features and prioritise others. We have a very similar sense of humour too and like my sister we like the same things fundamentally too. For instance, I’m no longer keen to go out clubbing, but I used to love it, my brother is 40 this year and he loves clubbing, he’s had kids and they haven’t ground him down enough yet maybe! He’ll understand when he gets to my age; as you all will!

So there you have it, I’m mentally exhausted having worked hard these last 2 days whilst having the bathroom replaced, it’ll be done in about 2 weeks, which is also how much time i’ve got left of this challenge, but what do they say? Its all down hill from here? I hope you are all enjoying reading this as I am enjoying writing it, it’s opening my head to thoughts I’ve kept stowed away for decades and it feels healthy. Maybe i’ll start jogging next, or smoking.



  1. I definitely am enjoying reading your challenge related pieces.
    Jogging vs. smoking? You really couldn’t come up with more opposite habits?

    And regarding the fact that some people see similarities in some faces while others do not – it is most captivating to me. I wonder if it has anything to do with an eye for detail. If artistic tendencies have anything to do with it.


  2. and ive enjoyed reading , a peak into an extraordinary “soup of life”


    long may they continue after the bathroom install.


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