April 18th 2018


I’m sure fun stuff happened, but today I took a rather splendid photo of Hattie, no filters. Any boy dogs of the same type who want to take Hattie on a date need only apply is they have their own car.


People are getting a little bit frisky now the sun has come out for the first time this year it seems, theres a slight madness, a touch of anarchy can I say even a smidgen of vandalism in the woods. I can sense it. In about a month (correct me if i’m wrong) the bluebell walks will be upon us and loads of out of towners, will be making their way to Shrawley, to throw their fags and cans in the brook, seeing them bob down stream into the mighty Severn, into the sea,  through to the ocean and then sink to degrade and put all sorts of shit into our food chain, maybe they get the shit back when they eat fish fingers; i’d like to think so. There will be more of this: (see photo)fullsizeoutput_1221

Dog shit in bags, they pick the stuff up in the woods, bag it up and leave it somewhere on the way out of the woods, usually on a stile, sometimes on a fence post, occasionally on a grassy verge next to someones house. But mostly they throw it in the hedge because then it disappears behind the leaves, but its ok, because when the autumn comes; the leaves turn beautiful oranges and yellows and reds and eventually drop off, and then we will see the shitty bags. So a word of warning litter bugs;

I will let down your tyres.


Hair of the dear possibly.

Listen to this you mentalists


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