A-Z Challenge: My Theme; Adoption. The Letter Q

A-Z Challenge 2018



Is it a cop out or isn’t it a cop out? I only know a few “Q” words; Quebec, Quotient, Quantity, Quorum, Queen (My sons fave band). These are a few of my favourite ‘Q’s” I have been pretty much playing this A-Z Challenge by ear and by the seat of my pants, initially I wrote out a few words corresponding to the letters but there remain many blank areas; Q was most definitely one of them.

I think thus far things have been going ok, some people seem to be reading it, I’d love more to be doing so but I really need to get my shit together and start promoting my blog, which I will do when the bathrooms finished/ tomorrow/ when the kids have left school/ when I’ve got 5 minutes. I’m sure we all suffer with these predicaments, time is short and once again I am writing after midnight, due in part (in fact totally because of) to the Chinese Embassy Visa Application form, which doesn’t let me change the size of the font so information is left off. Tonight we tried on 4 separate laptops and we all came up against the same brick walls, yet how come none of my daughter’s friends  parents had this problem? Maybe they did and maybe they don’t care that things don’t look or read correctly. Oh well.

So sorry to rant but I am going to open this to the floor; Does anyone have any questions regarding adoption, specifically my one, but not necessarily so. If you want to talk generally then that is also fine.

Don’t all shout at once, theres bags of time, I need to sleep for 6 hours, have breakfast, walk someone else dog, clean the bathroom for bathroom maintenance, drive to work, etc etc. I’m sure i’ll find 5 minutes somewhere, possibly around 11:45pm!

So I will not hold my breath but am happy to ask any Question no matter how foolish, short or off the wall it is.

Good night America!


      • Paper applications are SO much easier. But nowadays everything has to be done online. Such a hassle.
        We didn’t have such fun trips when I was in school. Good for her.
        Have you thought of the possibility that you might ALREADY be mad?


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