April 19th 2018


I was ready to walk today, poised. I had delivery coming and so needed to be in for them, if i missed it or them then the whole day would go to shit and I’d have to drive to the depot to try and locate my lost bathroom essentials amongst all the other delivered detritus. Theres loads believe me.

So just as I took the kids to the bus stop I received a text message telling me the roof window was to arrive in about 20 minutes, too short a time to even run around the woods, especially with the steep muddy bit right at the start. So just as I was walking up the track with C, I called it off, I could not afford the time and thus I could not come along. I hate missing my walk, It doesn’t sit well with me, I feel unusual. As it happened the delivery came just as the Ministry walked out opposite my drive way, I may have been ok but you never can tell.

N is my man to sort out my bathroom, and so today he sweated and toiled adrift on an ocean of tea, my god can he put it away! I struggled to keep up.

The weather was tip top today, really smashing and in London about 26’C, here the air is cleaner and so we don’t care much for the mugginess the extra 2 degrees give to them. Tube horror, Bus terror, Street Chaos. You want to get down to Worcestershire you London types,  Oooaaar!


So this is what has gone down today, aside form the Chinese Visa application debacle, which has taken up a 1/12 of my day; I will never get that back, but the tiles came off, a hole in the roof was realised and a roof window was inserted, its all waterproof now too, tomorrow is a fine day too and I will be on the walk.

Funnily enough as an aside I have noticed that since we have obliterated the local homes of the mice and rat population who may or may not live in our house, it has come to my attention as I have sat in this chair for two nights now that there seems to be a bit of scurrying in between the walls; in the cavity. If this is so then the little bastards have eaten all the insulation. When we first extended the house back way back, a rat got in, and died under the floor; that stunk!

I must mention that we are not some family of greys surrounded by rats and filth, NO, we live in the countryside and they are all over the place, although I suspect unlike London, I think I can probably get more than 6 feet away from a rat. Will I ever know? Probably not, but file it in the “Undisputed fact of the day” pile.

I will never play “Rat in my Kitchen” by plastic Reggae band UB40, so please don’t suggest that.


  1. When I found a dead mouse swimming in my crock pot on Christmas morning I declared war. Put moth balls around the kitchen (horrible smell), and bought sonic devices you plug in(sounds that we can’t hear but they can and they hate). The little buggers are still here. Need to get a cat!


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