April 20th 2018

Fucking hell its late again, we went for a lush walk through the woods, we went off road in the pursuit of deer but found none. The kids loved walking in the dappled woodland sunlight and they got on really well; I think they do love each other really.


I can barely remember anything about today, I’ve photos to prove it happened, and i learnt which may well be a dubious fact of the day; If you take some string from the top of your head to your toe, then fold it in half; the resultant double, string when wrapped around your belly, will tell you if you are over weight, If the strings don’t touch, its time to ditch the crisps and pork pies.



There some good photos and therefore memories there, if I forget what I did, i just refer to my blog; I am becoming it or is it becoming me. Like a tree falling in the forest making no sound if no one is their to hear it, does that mean too that if no one reads what I have to say, I have no volume? Maybe, so look at the photos, this is happening on our doorsteps.

Good night fellow bloggers and normals!

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