A-Z Challenge: My Theme; Adoption. The Letter S.

A-Z Challenge 2018


IMG_0033This whole month could be seen as self indulgent and to some maybe it is, in fact to me it does appear a bit that way;  me, me, me. But this has been my theme and if I ever write about this again, it will be in book form and be in the appropriate section in book stores, if only I was famous it would sell by the bucket load.

So today, it’s not self indulgent, today it is Simon.

Simon was my name, I was named Simon  when my Biomum gave birth to me, my Biodad presumably agreed too. Simon Aplin.

Strange fact is I am not called Simon, and so when I opened up the wonderful file which was all about me around 6 or so years previously, and I learnt I had been living as a name fraud, I was shocked. I’m Dom (the anonymousness is gone for the time being) and all of a sudden I was, had been Simon, almost in a past life. I don’t think I am a Simon, I know  a few and I’m not one of them, they are not my tribe. There was no way I could become a Simon, a Si (one of my best friends is one of those and she’s a girl). I have nothing against the name, and when I think back over my entire life and imagine substituting my name every time I was called Dom; well my mind boggles, would I have turned out any different had I been Simon? It’s certainly in a different position in the alphabet so I may have missed out on alphabetical selection. Indeed I may have had to sit next to completely different people at school, I may have made different friends, and therefore my life would have taken infinitesimal different turns, would I be sat here writing this blog or would I be flying an aeroplane or lying dead in a crack house? Who knows?

When someone asks, “Whats in a name?” I’d think very hard before I’d answer. “Absolutely Everything.”


  1. Great post. I can only imagine how it must have felt to have discovered your alternative name. Did it make you feel fake? Or as if you were a secret agent living a double life?

    It was a bit surprising to read that your name was changed? Do you know the reasoning? Did your parents not like “Simon”? Or was it to give you (i.e. them) a fresh start?

    Names are funny. Somehow they often “fit” the character quite well. You ever heard someone say: “He/She is such a [insert name]”? I certainly have. Though I never wondered what would happen if I was named differently. Quite an interesting, but freaky thought.


    • I think the my name was changed for exactly the reason you state, that my folks wanted a fresh start. My middle name is the same as my Biodad’s first name. My Dad decided to give me that name in his honour, I’ve come to realise that as i’ve written this theme that my Dad is a bit of a dude!
      With names I think if human names are like animals names then you really don’t know what they should be called before you meet them.
      A lots in a name

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