A-Z Challenge: My Theme Adoption. The Letter X

A-Z Challenge 2018

X and the lack of

Thinking all day and yesterday and the day before about what the hell am I going to say for X. It turns out that actually there is nothing to say x -wise regards adoption.

X-parents? X-Siblings? It’s a blooming shambles and I am not willing to take part, because I can not even give you a tenuous X link. Xenon and Xerxes have and never will be part of my life, and I’m sorry for that.

So I’m not giving up, I’m purely stating that my mind is not adept enough in coming up with an X word. I never played the Xylophone and never will, thats about my knowledge of X, sorry.

Tomorrow is Y and I have Z in the bag, thats the money shot.




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