April 26th 2018

Expect the unexpected, tomorrow I am going away for the weekend on a children’s football tournament. All the other parents are going to be there and on the holiday camp we are staying at there are apparently bars everywhere. It could get a little messy, so could this blog, I hope it survives and I hope I do too!


Unlike some of the Tadpoles, the ex tadpoles, the Deadpoles in the dead pools. It has been proved without any shadow of a doubt that out sperm like friends are no good out of water, but thrive within. I’m sure to all of you this seems like the bleeding obvious, but how many of you have actually tried and experienced the science? The cruel science of life and death, which is happening beneath our noses? Open your eyes its all there for us to see, naturally and of course by doing unspeakable things eh M??!!


A really dubious and doubted fact mooted yesterday by N was that, ” Black is 90% red in the printing game” He worked in that game but I still don’t believe him. Once again I’m absolutely shagged but I did come across this wonderful metal magpie out in a village in Herefordshire today, so i thought I’d share the silhouette, more as a result of not being able to scale a wall in order to take a shot of the thing with the sun behind me!


Some people have a name plate for their house, other people are a little less coy, the place was called “The Mill” you’d never guess.


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