“Mayday Mayday”, means there is danger with a threat to life, heres a fact for the day, and it’s a real one “Pan Pan”, over the airwaves means that the problem isn’t quite as bad and will be greeted by cries of “Shut up moaning!”

First day back in the woods today, and I’m greeted with lots of greenery, the weeds have grown up, the brambles and nettles now are threatening to cover up the wonderful bluebellsIMG_2551

No filter here playmates.

In walking attire news M had a new Gillet and D left his Wellies at Butlins, and subsequently realised he had left his DM’s and also his sons new trainers; a massive bag I probably stepped or nearly tripped over to get out of the chalet door. It made me swear loudly at Mrs T this evening when she asked me how I could do such a thing, I agreed and in my own way demonstrated this by swearing; What a dipstick.

But life goes on and so in other walking attire news I now have to wear my walking boots. I am willing to take bets on wether or not the staff at Butlins come clean or not. I have faith in them, they looked after us well.

The noses are starting to run slightly more now as the Oil seed rape’ s yellow flowers blossom profusely in the field adjacent to our woods, and as I write I’m sniffing despite the rain out side. Can you believe it; Mayday and its bloody raining. IMG_2552

And to top it all last night as well as feeling sorry for my self after a weekend of excess, my tail between my legs, waiting for the fear to creep up on me during the course of the week to come, we had to light the log burner. This is not cricket and the way the weather is looking there may well be no cricket for a long time. My daughter told me last week she has a new girl in her class called Cricket. Thats pretty unusual i’d say, I wonder how that got authorised.


You can turn this one up a lot.







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