May 3rd 2018

Boo, i’ve gone slightly off the boil since the A-Z challenge; it’s down to the earth with a bump, after completing the challenge whilst on a football tournament, thus postings for X,Y and Z were written in a really uncomfortable bed in a scratty chalet not surrounded by all my shite. Much as I know the buzz words these days are to de-clutter and clean out your life; give yourself a fresh start. But I like all my stuff around me; my records, and cds, I’m even trying to sneak in some cassettes back into the family home, much to the displeasure of Mrs T and my daughter. My books are all in boxes at my Mums house getting damp as I write, but I have no room for them.

So in short I felt a kind of disconnect with my blog, coupled with the hangover which I had for a day or two, this in turn weakened my immune system and thus I’m now laid up sick on my sofa whilst the bathroom is being fitted upstairs. Theres drilling, sawing and talking and I’m down here listening to the Cocteau Twins and The The as I convalesce. Just read a piece:

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Which has persuaded me to pick up my laptop while I try and repair my poorly self; the usual unusual, flu, aching bones, sore throat and a temperature above normal. And let you guys in the blogosphere know that I am ok, and will be updating you on  developments within the woods as soon as I can get back out there. Can you believe as an aside that I left my Wellies and Doc Martens down at Butlins, I must have clambered over them to pick up all my other cases and bags to take to the car. I’m not sure if they will send them back or even admit to having found them; the Doc’s I really love and so would appreciate them back, the boots; whilst I don’t really like them, I wear them everyday and am skint right now so could do with not having to buy a new pair. There is, however, something totally absorbing about getting the best wellies you can for the price. I’ve had many many pairs, my favourite were a pair of Le Chameaus, top of the range, leather interior, most comfortable footwear I’ve ever owned I didn’t pay for them, don’t like to talk about it, but they were amazing. Until, the heel split. This is no issue, I thought, I’ll send them back to the factory in France where they are hand made, they’ll take a look and send me a new pair. This is not what happened; they wrote back to me and informed me I had not been looking after them correctly; Bastards. So I had to get some new boots. Not the plan, I wasn’t ready and was forced into a panic purchase, which are the boots I left down in Minehead, and now it’s looking as though I may have to buy some more.  Grim.

So I am short of the optimal length for a blog as my pal floating gold tells me, but I will enclose a photo and a song from youtube, don’t say I don’t spoil you!

See if you can guess what famous album cover this is a very loose rural recreation of, which we executed last week. No prizes I’m afraid just music Kudos.fullsizeoutput_12d9

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  1. My mind is blanking on the “cover” contest. The past couple of days I feel as if I traveled for two days and was in a totally different time zone (i.e. sleepy during the day (and night)). But I see you’re recovering on many different fronts, so I excuse you from not being up to par with your own blogging plans.

    Thanks for sharing my post. It took me more than 30 sec to read your post, so you should feel good about that.

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