May 7th 2018

Guess what I was confronted with yesterday upon entering the woods? Thats right 2 little black bags of dog shit, neatly placed by the gate post. What on earth does the idiot who left these think will happen? Just because they are neatly placed doesn’t mean shit, and someone else will have to remove them. I don’t understand people. My Cantankerous old neighbour, sadly no longer with us, always said to me that he infinitely preferred the dogs to the humans, sometimes I can understand why, but I think he is wrong to place all humans in the same pigeon hole; some are good, maybe he just met bad ones, which could be unfortunate depending on your view point.


After seeing my son’s team beaten at football, and I think this is now the end of the season, it does seem to continue throughout the year so the “end” as it were doesn’t really seem to manifest itself; we seem to be suck in a never ending groundhog style football maze; the only way out is to start playing rugby and thus earn the wrath of the coach! So I took my son and his mate to my friends pub; the White Pheasant WR6, (I’ve tried to post a link but its FB and keeps defaulting to my FB page, I’m meant to be anonymous, so you’ll have to google it). So my mate who owns the pub has cleared the river bank and built a wonderful patio above the river and he’s just completed his first craft brewed lager, its called Tom Jones and is super pokey! Without going into the intricacies, he’s using Fuggles hops in it, no one does that, its a bold and highly commendable move. He had a tasting of the first batch with some industry bigwigs and, well apparently they didn’t go to bed until 5am!! This would not be physically possible when he gets to my age!

The afternoon was spent in tile and floor shops, this was not how I wanted the hottest day of the year thus far to pan out, but unfortunately it was a necessary evil, and after 3 hours, Mr and Mrs had it sorted! Back of the net!

More to come later, Its been a busy couple of days.


  1. Facebook is everywhere.
    About the poop. Were the black bags biodegradable? That’s probably what that person thought. Good for the environment. And some natural fertilizer for the flora.


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