May 7th 2018 part 2


Went for a drive out in this mutha yesterday! It was ace for the following reasons;

a) I have never sat so close to the floor and gone so fast.

b) It made a noise like a proper racing car which made me feel good.

c) It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time, I liked it and hated it because I felt like it could kill me; the good thing is it didn’t, and too be fair I don’t think it would, its a nice car.

Talk this weekend over social media touched on Caravanism (like Cannabalism but less messy) 2 friends of mine, good ones, and totally unconnected both mentioned how they like the idea of caravanning, or buying a caravan, of doing that thing. In no particular order as I have no preference, so if you’re reading this ladies, a) I’m amazed and b) I think the novelty will probably wear off pretty soon, Lady a) in Manchester who I will call SH mentioned that she is trying to turn her husband to the Caravan way of life. Lady b) who i shall call SG in Worcestershire mentioned how she could get used to it and “loved it”.

I regret to inform both of these 2 ladies that they are wrong, Caravans are not the answer. I should probably make a bumper sticker with that slogan, it’ll be like the smiley face all over.

This is a thing that is taking over the woods behind my house, not just here but all over Worcester and the shire. Its called Worcester love on the rocks, and its a Fb thing, someone hides a beautifully painted rock, another finds it, moves it and then hides it somewhere else. I think the idea is to take a photo each time you find it, post it to Fb and then take another photo when it is re-hid again. That way the rocks progression can be tracked over Worcestershire or indeed Herefordshire or even the wider world. I quite like that, putting art out there for other folk to enjoy. But I do worry how many other folk actually do enjoy this stuff, really. It’s not a waste of time and this sort of stuff should become mandatory, it raises a smile.


I helped out with the car parking for the compulsory directed walking nature fun this morning, or as we like to call it the Shrawley Bluebell Walks. After my rant yesterday I have noted several things.

a) People are not so bad really but will go to where you direct them if you laugh with them, thus giving them the best Woodland experience possible in their allotted timespan.

b) They will not come back again until next year and so are inherently territorial in their habits, they will not enjoy another humans habitat unless there is an event on such as the Shrawley bluebell walks.

c) If you put bins out side the entrance to the woods where people usually place their bagged up dogs shit; neatly on the floor.  They seem to put it in the bin! (further investigation is needed to see if man/woman is inherently lazy)

d) Pretty much every person who returned to their car after dragging them selves around the woods today had a pink face and more importantly a smiley face.


There was much more wild garlic, than I have ever seen in my life, I didn’t get the stench today, but my nose is poor to say the least, I can Identify the garlic though, I think possibly it might be ready in a week or so. I did pick up an idea whilst sipping Cider in my pub later with friends; Wild garlic pesto, maybe we can have a pesto off? Who’s in, Ministry chums?fullsizeoutput_12e2fullsizeoutput_12e3


Finally because I am weary, we’ve had a 4 day weekend, far too much to drink, many chores have been done and walks have been attended to. No tadpole update today, but regular readers need have no fear, tomorrow the Tadpole telegraph will resume. The wonderful publican Charlie and his wife Sue have left the New Inn today for the last time and I managed to buy the last purchased pints, an end of an era. Thanks Charlie.


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