May 14th 2018

fullsizeoutput_130eFor a good few days, if not a whole week, I have been trying to get to the woods to forage for some wild garlic, of which there is masses, to make some pesto. I made my first batch of normal pesto last week possibly on Wednesday and it rocked to the max. Anyway one thing led to another day in day out and I can’t seem to get to the wild garlic beds down next to Dick brook, of which there is masses. This will be the week of the harvest, mark my words.

Problem is after a few beers on last Thursday I ended up going to the pub for a couple whilst the shooting was going on. Thats right you heard me correctly, a load of guys and girls bring their air rifles to the pub, they stick up a target and the shoot at this target in the dining room, needless to say the pub only does bar snacks on a home shooting fixture, we can do without any injuries. When I first heard about this fixture I was amazed, turns out the indoor shooting league is very much alive and well in the Worcestershire, Herefordshire border lands, makes me laugh. I joined the shooting team a few years ago with some mates, really it was just and excuse to get out on a Thursday night for a few pints under the pretext that if we weren’t to go we would not only let ourselves down we would also let the team down. It turned out that all 3 of us who were persuaded to give it a go for a season, were considerably better shots after a few beers, we were still pretty awful in any case as we remained firmly on the substitutes bench for the whole season. I think we were hired as eye candy, and quite frankly I felt exploited. Anyway this Thursday was just a practice, I had 5 shots and rang the bell once, that is a bulls eye my friends, so out of 25 points I scored 19 which still leads me to believe that after a few ales I am definitely better than before a few ales.

So the pesto, I walked with N and M on sunday and we had a great discussion about the hardness of the hardest material, N and D voted for Diamond but M came at us with a curved ball in the shape of some sort of tungsten. This was obviously scoffed at by my self and N but M was adamant (not the Adam Ant) and told us this specific type of tungsten stuff came from Devon and/ or Cornwall, from the ground although how the fuck they mine it is anyones guess. Anyway as a follow up M said that this `tungsten stuff was the hardest stuff to come out of the ground from Devon and Cornwall since Ginsters. That made me laugh and so M almost but not quite won the argument.

We spoke of a chap called Izod, allegedly a real person from N’s old work place. He’s not an ancient Mesopotamian king nor is he a space criminal similar to the 3 encased in glass who kicked superman’s arse in Superman 2. I’m not willing to discuss what he did at N’s work suffice to say he sounds like a slightly unbalanced individual, try my x-rated blog (name witheld).

So again the pesto, I keep forgetting, this week is the week of the pesto, i’ll be doing a wild garlic batch and also a stinging nettle batch courtesy of Hugh Fearnley Eat it all. My not being able to gather wild garlic because the beds are too far away, made me look for a substitute, hence the stinging nettle stuff, we’ll see how that goes.



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