May 11th 2018


For all city dwellers and strangers to green spaces, these white animals are called sheep, they’re like the plague where we are; breeding and bleating all over the place, but they taste yummy (sorry vegan and vegetarian followers but an indisputable fact of the day is an indisputable fact of the day). Around this time each year a farmer  brings a load of sheep with lambs to hang out in the field on the way into the woods, over the days and weeks the sheep grow, get larger and then gradually their numbers dwindle; its because they go to the market, either shopping or they must have a job there. Anyway I thought i’d share this piece of rural drama with you. Once thing I do enjoy as I walk up the track past the sheep on the walk is to Baa at the sheep, I think I’m pretty good, maybe I’ll suggest a competition next week, see who’s got the best Baa. the winner receives an all expenses trip to Baa_rain.

I didn’t go on the walk this morning as I had to get my tyres changed on my car; they were bald, illegal and the tyre shop exercised their power to not allow my car to leave the premises, as they would be an accessory to the crime of driving around on tyres with absolutely no grip. I won’t go into the nitty gritty of the situation suffice to say I’m not getting those 2 1/2 hours back. So sad news from the walk as I sit here writing, the rain has fallen in small amounts, but I suspect not enough to rescue the Tadpole populations along the main drag through the woods. The Tadpole puddles had been gradually drying up and shrinking over the past week or so, eager readers would know this. CONCENTRATE the rest of you. So news from the front line this morning as I sat in a coffee shop in Worcester, of which more later, was that the Tadpoles are no more. All the puddles have gone, the entire population which we see everyday is now no longer with us. Its funny I don’t think I’ve ever heard a frog in the woods, this is probably why. But then again, they must be there, who keeps putting the spawn down in the spring? This whole thing is far to confusing for me. But as one species dies out through the cruelty of nature, another is fattened up by the humans for the humans, see above, and below, a gentle reminder.


The horse chestnut is starting to blossom too which is indeed a splendid event to behold.IMG_2628

Today, I worked for a very long time, as well as sorting out my tyres, and so consequently my entire routine was upset. I missed the kids going on the bus, I missed the walk and chat, I had to drive into Worcester at the beginning of the rush hour and I had to buy a coffee at great expense. Its funny, the roads are so packed with cars heading in to Worcester in the morning and yet walking through the city centre at 8am , you’d be excused for thinking there had been a kind of “28 days later” Zombie apocalypse the night before.


£2.90 that coffee, she tried to sell me the snuggly coffee, the cupping it in 2 hands coffee dream, all the while a policeman outside was waking up and moving on a rough sleeper, who looked very cosy up until my latte was poured, and would probably really appreciate this dream I was paying through the nose for. What a thankless task.


A sad day indeed, Tadpoles dying, rough sleepers being moved on and leasing companies trying to involve me in their job dilemmas; I’m sure i really don’t think they would want me to let them know what trials I get up to on a daily basis, so I really don’t need to know the inner workings of theirs. If they want to tell someone, start a blog! So with tired eyes i’m off.


  1. what a thoughtful way to start the day , tyres to stop injury to u and others maybe; tadpoles, sheep, rough sleepers and just when u need a tonic of uplift you curate the lady Donna. well done and thank you


  2. and NOEMÍ SOTO. said of Lady Donna
    2 months ago
    “excelente información…. por siempre la música disco y el HIGH ENERGY 👍👍👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹”
    top that… if u can translate b eyons the carots


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