May 23rd 2018


With M in Tenerife now and myself not being able to go on the walk this morning due to my fucking job and adminny type stuff getting in the way of my social life, I wondered what type of get up M may be sporting in the relative tropics of the Canary Isles, and this is when I unearthed a photo of my Great Grandfather; it made me think of M out there with his spear/ massive fountain pen chasing all the girls in a dress because he’d forgotten to pack properly or indeed at all, maybe he’d stole the outfit from a public swimming pool.

On a slightly more serious note, well lets not beat around the bush, i’m sure my Great Grandpa wouldn’t have done, this was one of the most serious notes to have been struck since this blog began in January of this year.dd9bce5f-569f-4a85-958d-501a43dba2aa

My friends, this is mindless vandalism of the worst kind, not the good type of Banksy stuff; No this is the stuff of nightmares. Very few people get to see this small and perfectly formed installation of ours in real life, many people would never be able to find it anyway even if I gave them a map, because many people now days couldn’t read a map if it draped its contours over them. This makes me sad as I make the damn things, which leads me to another point just remembered. Yesterday I was on site and was speaking to the site manager who was telling one of the constructers whom I worked for and what I did, he hadn’t even heard of the company and had really no idea, this poor excuse for a man was about 35 and I think had been under a rock or drenched in memory sapping scrumpy for the last 35 years. Had never heard of me, I ask you. Do You Know Who I Am?!! Occasionally this happens, usually the people are in their early 20’s (or as I like to call them, The Enemy, only kidding)

So some numb skull, some massive idiot had toppled the iron watchtower with the lego sentinel and from what I can gain from the photo, the standing stone is gone. This is possibly more heinous due to the stone being the original marker post for the entrance into our realm. I’m writing this and am seething with anger, wishing the perpetrator torrid misfortune, they will find their solace in the fires of hellfire and brimstone. I’m running in the morning, so will see what N has to say about it all, if there are any leads as to the motives of the child (i’m assuming) who did this crime. I think, but am unsure, that all has returned to normal now.

Just the one question to ask, one we must ask ourselves, every day.

“Why would you do that?”

I really cannot see what possible gain anyone other than a child would get from this blatant attack on our freedom and rights. I blame May and then Trump, only because Trump is further away, but I see them as having blood on their hands, the toppling of the Lupine lego masked sentinel is only the beginning, just you see. You will all understand when you get to my age, as I have said once or twice before.

Good night, I’m off for a bath.

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