May 24th (be with you) 2018

I missed the Star Wars day this year, which has become an overly relevant day each year, so you can have an elaborated and extended one today, which doesn’t really mean anything, but does have 4th in it, so nearly scans. Assume i’ve got number Tourettes and spat out the number 20.


Today M was again, supposedly in Tenerife, we have no proof yet, just a photo of a kerosine tanker next to a budget airline, and yet no cigar. So come on M, get cracking, lets have some shots of the lava isle.

A very funny thing happened whilst I remember on the walk today, N came down the road and walked into the woods with D and C today because last nigh the rain came and to walk through the rape seed would have soaked him. So it was a pleasant surprise. We discussed in M’s absence, the power of suggestion specifically by wives. The premise being that if the husband had an idea to spend a lot of money or visit somewhere the wife didn’t really like the look of or indeed didn’t really see the benefit of then a suggestion, barely cloaked would be floated out in the direction of the husband to be deciphered and then maybe to come to the conclusion that the idea previously floated was probably not such a good idea after all. The mystical power of suggestion, of what us men are largely resistat, we make up our own minds on a case by case basis.

N was looking to get hold of some mercury for a part for the car or something. Mercury is probably not the easiest or cheapest element to get hold of due to its poisonousness and volatility. With this in mind N had designs on going to the Ketch for the sunday car boot sale, buying up all the thermometers, for say a pound each, and decanting the mercury out for use in the car. The wife of N, who we shall call Mrs B, for the sake of anonymity, suggested that under no uncertain terms would he be buying up and smashing up all the car boot sale thermometers to use for his car, due to the poisonousness and volatility of the shiny, liquid metal element.

And that is all I have to say on the matter, I’m tired, I’ve coked 3 meals tonight; spaghetti Bolognese for the fam, a curry to feed 12 kids tomorrow and a curry to feed 7 adults (hotter) tomorrow, whilst we camp the weekend away down at Rattlinghope, in a bloody tempest cyclonic weather bitch! Wish me luck.

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