The camping trip from last weekend had such astonishing amounts of thunder and lightning, the inside of the tent would light up in a flash of airbourne electricity and the flashes stayed on for seconds. I didn’t get too see these flashes from beyond my sleeping bag and to get out would have disturbed Mrs T, not to mention it was exceptionally cold in the tent, and I was slightly drunk and had no torch. It wouldn’t have ended well and come to think of it my son’s bed was right next to my feet.

So tonight while I’m sat here listening to some tunes and the lightning flash appears, i’m thinking to myself, “I’m going to get some photos”. Armed with my iPhone, and with the patio doors open, the rain pelting down onto my oak sitting room floor, my phone held aloft pointing towards the silver birch; “that would make an amazing picture, the tree lit up from above, very Tim Burton”. I stood for 5 minutes and I think 3 flashes, the floor soaked and this is my best photo. If you look very carefully you can see some sort of lighter dot in the bottom left area, that is not lightning, I don’t know what it is.


No more storm chasing for me Photo fans, I’m up to Bedfordshire, lightning or no lightning.

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