June 2nd 2018

Pinch Punch first day of the month, etc. But I missed it and am deeply regretful for that, sorry clamouring millions of followers, waiting upon my every word; like the messiah, or rather like a very naughty boy.


I’m conscious that this is reverting back to semi diary rather than a container filled with a shed load of absolutely nothing, which is what the public want I’m sure. People couldn’t care less about my personal circumstances so I will try and keep it less so for now on. It’ll be photos, music and funny stories. For those of you who have been with me for a while i think you from the bottom of my black, black, heart and for any new comers, “Run Away” its not worth it! This shot taken yesterday has a wonderful nostalgic filter applied which makes it feel 40 years old as I sat there dangling my legs off the jetty with my son and his mate after a sweaty footy game at the park. This is my little patch of Green and Pleasant Land and the older I become the more I can see my self here, everywhere I bloody look is thick verdant greenery. That’s a nice thing.

So a day of statistics for you all:

This is my fifth consecutive month writing this nonsense.

I’ve written 71913 words and counting, obviously more now. Thats a novel I suspect if only it stuck together and was some sort of cohesive narrative  running through it.

There are 173 posts in 152 days, which is more than 1 a day! some people I follow craft even more than that, where the hell does the time come from?

My views and visits per month seem to be on an upward trend, which is good for my morale. Because much as I hate to admit it,

“I Care!” I really do, it matters to me what people think, and I know I should not give two hoots but WordPress saw it, in their wisdom, to publish these stats, so I open my blog with trepidation, hoping for the soaring rush of endorphins as I inspect my latest viewing figures.

So there we go you massive idiots, thanks for following me and lending me your ears over these last 5 months. Must do more prompts.

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